FREE CONSULTATION – We offer FREE, no obligation, consultations over the telephone or in person directly with an attorney.

EXPERIENCE – We have experience resolving and litigating difficult divorce and family law matters. We understand that each matter is unique and requires a specific approach. Whether your case will result in an uncontested divorce, divorce mediation, or a fully contested court battle, we will zealously and skillfully represent you and protect your rights.

STRONG REPRESENTATION – When you are facing a judge or a referee, you need an attorney by your side that not only knows how to prepare documents, but also knows how to present your best case in court and will fight to protect your rights.

FAIR AND FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS – Divorce and family law are often very complex and require a very serious time commitment both for the clients and for the attorneys. Litigation over custody, child support, alimony, and property division tend to be very long and require many hours of preparation and court hearings and possibly trial. Accordingly, legal representation can be very costly. Most lawyers will only charge by the hour, our firm offers fixed fees. It allows you to know in advance the cost of each stage of your case and fixes those costs so you do not have to worry about keeping track of time. Our fees are also very fair and reasonable.

UNDERSTANDING & PERSONAL APPROACH – Divorce can be a very difficult process and it takes a tremendous toll on the parties emotionally, physically, and financially. Our firm will guide you through this difficult time focusing on your needs and the needs of your family.