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Should You Move Out if You are Getting a Divorce in New Jersey?

Divorce is hard for a lot of reasons, and part of that is due to logistics. Like it or not, you are not necessarily working together anymore, this leaves some to wonder if they should move out or not, and some of that depends on where you live. Should you move out if you are… Read more

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Difference Between an Annulment and Divorce in NJ

Seeking a permanent separation from your spouse? Maybe you are considering an annulment or divorce? What is the difference between an annulment and divorce in NJ? A divorce is a legal way to end a marriage, but an annulment is a legal way to make it as if the marriage never happened in the first… Read more

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Is New Jersey a No-Fault Divorce State?

Are you Googling about divorce and asking is New Jersey a no-fault divorce state? Then we are here to help. Carvajal Law has been handling divorce cases in Northern New Jersey for years, and we are happy to inform you that New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state. Let’s get into what that means and… Read more

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Mistakes To Avoid During Separation in New Jersey

You’re trying your best to live a separate life while you are awaiting your divorce, but are you free to do whatever you want? We get a lot of questions about what you can and can’t do during separation, and Carvajal Law is ready to help you out with our list of mistakes to avoid… Read more

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What’s Considered a Marital Asset in New Jersey?

Are you getting a divorce, or thinking about getting a divorce? You are probably curious about how your assets will be divided amongst you once the divorce is final. There’s no way to know for sure until all the dust settles, but you should know what assets are up for debate. Assets that are redistributed… Read more

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Who Gets the House in a New Jersey Divorce?

When it comes to divorce, the list of questions that people have is long. How can I get a fast divorce? How much is an uncontested divorce? And who will get what? If you want to know who gets the house in a New Jersey divorce, then we can help. The Difference Between Marital and… Read more

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Do You Have to be Separated to Get a Divorce in NJ?

With any divorce comes a lot of questions. Every state is different so it can be confusing to navigate the law and easy to find conflicting information regarding things like separation, fault, and more. Do you have to be separated to get a divorce in NJ? Carvajal Law is ready to provide you with the… Read more

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How Can You Get a Quick Divorce in New Jersey

When you want a divorce, we get it. You want it to be done yesterday. Unfortunately, time travel is still in the realm of science fiction, and legal matters tend to move slowly for a reason. However, some divorces are still faster than others. How can you get a quick divorce in New Jersey? Carvajal… Read more

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Is New Jersey a 50/50 Divorce State?

Getting married was easy. Okay, we’re sure the wedding planning was no walk in the park, but from a legal perspective, getting a divorce is much harder than tying the knot. Navigating the law when it comes to divorce can be dizzying in any state, including New Jersey. It only makes sense that you have… Read more