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Who Gets the House in a New Jersey Divorce?

When it comes to divorce, the list of questions that people have is long. How can I get a fast divorce? How much is an uncontested divorce? And who will get what? If you want to know who gets the house in a New Jersey divorce, then we can help. The Difference Between Marital and… Read more

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Do You Have to be Separated to Get a Divorce in NJ?

With any divorce comes a lot of questions. Every state is different so it can be confusing to navigate the law and easy to find conflicting information regarding things like separation, fault, and more. Do you have to be separated to get a divorce in NJ? Carvajal Law is ready to provide you with the… Read more

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How Can You Get a Quick Divorce in New Jersey

When you want a divorce, we get it. You want it to be done yesterday. Unfortunately, time travel is still in the realm of science fiction, and legal matters tend to move slowly for a reason. However, some divorces are still faster than others. How can you get a quick divorce in New Jersey? Carvajal… Read more

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Is New Jersey a 50/50 Divorce State?

Getting married was easy. Okay, we’re sure the wedding planning was no walk in the park, but from a legal perspective, getting a divorce is much harder than tying the knot. Navigating the law when it comes to divorce can be dizzying in any state, including New Jersey. It only makes sense that you have… Read more

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Can You Get A Divorce Without Going to Court in New Jersey?

Big life changes are always scary, but some are made more intimidating by assumptions driven by stereotypes, pop culture, and social stigmas. Divorce is one of those things. Everyone has the image in their head of a long legal battle where all your relationship’s dirty laundry gets aired out in front of the courts. Divorces… Read more

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How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take in New Jersey?

Once you, your spouse, or the both of you decide upon a divorce, the next question is how long is it going to take? When can you put this all behind you and start working on the new normal? Even if you are planning on having an uncontested divorce, your divorce still can’t be over… Read more

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What Should You Know About Alimony Law in New Jersey

Sadly, the fear of alimony payments can keep some marriages together longer than they should be together. If you find yourself in that camp in New Jersey, then perhaps learning a little more could help. What should you know about alimony law in New Jersey? Learn about several common misconceptions and how long alimony payments… Read more