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4 Steps to Prepare Yourself for a New Jersey Divorce

The decision to divorce is one that no couple comes too easily or quickly. Regardless of how amicable the split may be, the divorce process can be complex, lengthy, and takes a toll on you, your family, and your finances. While there is no such thing as a painless or easy divorce, there are ways… Read more

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What Happens If You Need to Modify Your Child Custody Arrangement in New Jersey?

When parents decide to divorce, it can often be stressful deciding on custody and visitation schedules for the children. One way New Jersey hopes to better the divorce process is by emphasizing a continued loving relationship with both parents while encouraging cooperation and communication between the parents. However, as children grow and the parent’s circumstances… Read more

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What Are the 5 Types of Alimony Awarded in New Jersey Divorces?

Divorce is hard.  There’s no doubt about it.  Divorce can also be exhausting, from dealing with emotional issues surrounding the break-up of your marriage to navigating through legal issues of separating from your spouse. However, although you may be focused on the here and now (getting a divorce), you may not have had time (or… Read more


How Are Marital Assets Divided During a New Jersey Divorce?

From financial decisions to child care and custody, divorcing couples have a slew of decisions to be made, under stressful times.  One decision that has to be made is how to divide marital assets (or property) during a divorce. Keep reading to learn more about how marital assets are divided during a New Jersey divorce…. Read more

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Do Grandparents Have Child Visitation Rights in New Jersey?

Many states limit grandparents’ rights when it comes to their grandchildren, as courts (and the law) side on the premise that parents should have the authority to decide who their children should see or not see.  However, New Jersey law differs regarding grandchildren visitation, giving grandparents in the state the right to request reasonable visitation… Read more

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3 Things to Know About Property Settlement Agreements in New Jersey

When you’re going through a divorce, the decisions seem endless. From who gets what property to child custody and support, these decisions significantly impact your family today and into the future. When finalizing your divorce in New Jersey, you and your soon-to-be ex must have a property settlement agreement (PSA).  PSAs are also called marriage… Read more


How is Alimony Calculated in New Jersey?

When divorcing, numerous financial questions come up surrounding joint debts, the primary residence, and child support. Commonly, divorcing spouses also wonder about alimony – who will pay it, who will receive it, and how much will be rewarded? Keep reading to learn more about how alimony is calculated in New Jersey.  What Are the Different… Read more

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Understanding Child Visitation Rights in New Jersey

When divorcing, child custody and visitation can often be stressful. Gone are the days, though, when one parent “wins” custody and visitation while the other “loses.”  One way New Jersey hopes to better the divorce process is by emphasizing a continued loving relationship with both parents while encouraging cooperation and communication between the parents. Keeping… Read more

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How Do You Divide Property in an Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey?

Divorcing your spouse is typically not a cut-and-dry process. However, if you agree on the significant issues arising in divorce – such as child custody, visitation, and spousal payments such as alimony – you may find an easier (and faster) road to divorce. An uncontested divorce is one in which spouses mutually agree on all… Read more