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Are You Required to Pay Child Support in New Jersey?

In some states, parents are allowed to reach a “no child support” agreement as a condition of their divorce. However, in New Jersey, parents are not allowed to waive child support regardless of what both parents prefer. It’s required by law, and you’re expected to provide funds to make caring for your child’s basic needs… Read more

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What Are the 5 Types of Alimony Awarded in New Jersey Divorces?

Divorce is hard.  There’s no doubt about it.  Divorce can also be exhausting, from dealing with emotional issues surrounding the break-up of your marriage to navigating through legal issues of separating from your spouse. However, although you may be focused on the here and now (getting a divorce), you may not have had time (or… Read more


How is Alimony Calculated in New Jersey?

When divorcing, numerous financial questions come up surrounding joint debts, the primary residence, and child support. Commonly, divorcing spouses also wonder about alimony – who will pay it, who will receive it, and how much will be rewarded? Keep reading to learn more about how alimony is calculated in New Jersey.  What Are the Different… Read more

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