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The decision to get a divorce never comes easy. Often, it is only decided upon after months and even years of difficulty within the marriage. When you and your spouse don’t agree on the basic terms of the divorce and separation of assets, childcare, and more, it is considered a contested divorce. 

While a contested divorce may initially seem stressful, there are times when it is necessary to fight for what you want. When a divorce gets messy, one spouse may be unreasonable with their demands, or the two sides simply can’t come to an agreement. In these situations, having an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer on your side is essential to getting to the terms you want. 

Experienced Contested Divorce Attorney

Lazaro Carvajal is an experienced contested divorce attorney that can help get your divorce finalized as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thanks to his experience, he is often able to help reduce the stress of the situation and seek alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration whenever possible. In this way, you can be the one to ultimately make the decision on your future – not a judge. 

With some divorces, going to court is necessary when the sides are too far apart on key issues. When it does come to this, Mr. Carvajal is well-known in Jersey City and the surrounding areas for fighting for your best interest in the divorce. 

Here For You During Your Divorce

While getting your divorce finalized is never an easy situation, Carvajal Law works hard to make the process as pain-free as possible. Whether is getting the divorce finalized in or out of court, Attorney and Founder Lazaro Carvajal is compassionate to your needs and will fight for your best interest. 

Carvajal Law is a well-known divorce attorney that serves North Bergen, Jersey City, Union City, Hudson County, and greater New Jersey. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today by calling 201-281-5577 or filling out a form here.

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