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uncontested divorce
Uncontested Divorce

How to Prepare for Your Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey

Uncontested divorces let you and your spouse divorce faster and with none of the hassle common to traditional divorces. While they’ll save you time and potentially money, uncontested divorces are still a lengthy process that you and your spouse will need to navigate. The best thing you can do prior to meeting with your New… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

How to Decide Who Gets the Pets in an Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse agree on everything from what to do with your house to how to divvy up your assets. Sure, you’ve reached compromises on certain subjects, but you agree that a divorce is both necessary and beneficial for both of you. But there’s one thing that many divorcing couples… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

When Is an Uncontested Divorce the Right Choice?

Making the decision to get a divorce can be fraught with emotional turmoil for both you and your spouse, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the case. Sometimes, couples simply agree that it’s time to move on and start looking for a New Jersey divorce attorney to help them divvy up their assets. In instances… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

When to Financially Separate From Your Spouse in NJ

A divorce is going to have important financial ramifications on your life. We are not just talking about the cost of a divorce. You can save a bundle by getting an uncontested divorce anyway. We’re also not talking about things like alimony payments or child support. We are talking about financial separation. Want to know… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

Is There Alimony in an Uncontested Divorce in NJ?

When people have questions about divorce, two topics often end up at or near the top of their lists. Can a divorce avoid the courtroom and will a spouse have to pay alimony? It’s not that these are the most important aspects of a divorce. Surely where there are children involved, you will want to… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

Can You File For an Uncontested Divorce with Children in NJ?

Getting a divorce can be a tough and life-changing decision. Many want to consider uncontested divorce to save time, money, and potential heartache. Though not all divorces can be resolved this way, many wonder what effects having kids between you will have on an uncontested divorce in New Jersey. Can you file for an uncontested… Read more

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Uncontested Divorce

Difference Between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey

Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, some marriages will ultimately end in divorce. If you and your spouse are considering divorce, then you may have heard the terms contested and uncontested. What’s the difference between a contested and an uncontested divorce in New Jersey? We have some… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

Do You Need an Attorney to Get an Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, couples seeking a divorce have a few options. They may either seek a traditional divorce or an uncontested divorce. There are advantages to getting an uncontested divorce, but it is not possible for every couple. Simply put, an uncontested divorce is for couples that want to go their separate ways but agree… Read more

Uncontested Divorce

How Much is an Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey?

Unless you’ve been through the process, it’s difficult to understand everything that goes into getting a divorce. From the mental and emotional stress to the administrative side, it can take a lot out of a person.  But, there is a range of difficultly that goes along with getting a divorce – some are easier than… Read more

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