uncontested divorce

Making the decision to get a divorce can be fraught with emotional turmoil for both you and your spouse, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the case. Sometimes, couples simply agree that it’s time to move on and start looking for a New Jersey divorce attorney to help them divvy up their assets. In instances like these, filing an uncontested divorce can be a great choice, but it’s not for everyone.

Before you can decide on the type of divorce that you and your spouse should file, you need to consider a few key aspects of your relationship and your situation. Here are a few ways to tell that an uncontested divorce is a good choice.

You and Your Spouse Agree on the Terms

Though many couples fight over the terms of their separation and divorce, some don’t. If you and your spouse are in full agreement over the terms and know exactly how you want to divide your assets, an uncontested divorce can be a great option. You’ll be able to outline the terms with the help of an attorney rather than having to work with a judge to determine what’s fair and equitable.

You Want to Save Time and Money

Divorce proceedings can take time, and the longer they take, the more expensive they can be. If you and your spouse want to move things along quickly and save money in the process, an uncontested divorce can be a great choice. These divorces take far less time and may require fewer meetings and hearings, saving you money on legal fees in the long run.

You Want to Maintain a Civil Relationship

Traditional divorces can be stressful at best and can put strain on the relationship you have with your spouse, even when you agree to the terms. Since uncontested divorces are easier to navigate and require less legwork, they can reduce the amount of stress you and your spouse experience. This can help you maintain a civil or even an amicable relationship during the divorce and after. 

You Meet the Eligibility Requirements

In New Jersey, you and your spouse must agree that the marriage has been broken for at least six months and cannot be repaired. You’ll also need to be in full agreement over the terms and shouldn’t require the intervention of the court to reach a resolution for any issue in your divorce. You and your spouse must also be residents of the state for at least one year prior to filing. If you meet these requirements, filing an uncontested divorce may be a great choice.

Filing an Uncontested Divorce Can Be a Great Option

Filing an uncontested divorce can save you time, money, and stress. However, even an uncontested divorce will require a good amount of paperwork. To make sure you’re filing everything correctly, it’s best to work with an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney.

The experts at Carvajal Law Firm are here to help whether you’re filing a traditional contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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