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Family Law

An Overview of Family Law in New Jersey: What You Need to Know

When you think about resolving disputes with your spouse or your family, you likely imagine solving those issues yourself. While this is possible in many instances, some disputes and concerns can be too difficult to navigate on your own. That’s where New Jersey family law rules and regulations can come into play. Family law refers… Read more

new jersey child support faq
Family Law

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Child Support

When you have children and are used to relying on two incomes to meet your needs, getting divorced and separating your finances can be tough. That’s why many New Jersey divorce lawyers advocate for child support when presenting your case to the judge. Child support refers to payments from your ex-spouse that you can use… Read more

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Family Law

What Are My Rights as a Mother in New Jersey?

When you’re trying to navigate the divorce process with children, it’s normal to wonder how the court will view your suitability for custody. There’s a common perception that the court favors giving primary custody to mothers over fathers. While this may have been the case years ago, New Jersey courts have long since become more… Read more

Family Law

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in New Jersey?

When it comes to court-mandated visitation after a divorce, most people assume that visitation pertains to the child’s non-custodial parent. While this is certainly the most common type of visitation discussed post-divorce, the change in custody can also impact the child’s grandparents. While every state is different, New Jersey has some unique rules surrounding grandparents’… Read more

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Family Law

What Happens If You Disagree With a Child Custody Agreement? 

Getting divorced when you have children can be a complicated process. In many instances, divorcing couples must establish a custody agreement so both parents can still be active in their children’s lives. This agreement is often developed during the negotiation phase of the divorce. Unfortunately, child custody agreements in New Jersey aren’t always fair and… Read more

Family Law

Adding Virtual Visitation Terms to Your New Jersey Parenting Plan  

When members of a New Jersey couple that shares a minor child opt to go their separate ways, the courts generally insist that they establish a parenting plan if they are both going to remain active participants in the child’s life. This is true regardless of whether custody and co-parenting concerns have arisen due to… Read more

Family Law

What You Need to Know About “Palimony” in New Jersey

During the course of a relationship, it’s natural for couples to come to depend on each other for support. If one partner has a more demanding, high-earning career, it’s common that the other partner may take on more of the household duties, and perhaps sacrifice their own career, for the betterment of the relationship. There… Read more

Family Law

What Happens If You Need to Modify Your Child Custody Arrangement in New Jersey?

When parents decide to divorce, it can often be stressful deciding on custody and visitation schedules for the children. One way New Jersey hopes to better the divorce process is by emphasizing a continued loving relationship with both parents while encouraging cooperation and communication between the parents. However, as children grow and the parent’s circumstances… Read more

Family Law

Do Grandparents Have Child Visitation Rights in New Jersey?

Many states limit grandparents’ rights when it comes to their grandchildren, as courts (and the law) side on the premise that parents should have the authority to decide who their children should see or not see.  However, New Jersey law differs regarding grandchildren visitation, giving grandparents in the state the right to request reasonable visitation… Read more

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