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When you and your spouse have been together for decades, it’s normal to feel like you’re stuck together. But divorcing when you’re nearing retirement or even after you’ve retired is possible. These divorces have been dubbed ‘gray divorces’ and as you might expect, they present some unique challenges for older couples. Here’s what your New Jersey divorce lawyer wants you to understand about getting divorced at a later age.

What Is a Gray Divorce?

The term ‘gray divorce’ refers to divorces for couples over age 50, or those who are getting divorced later in life. It’s not a legal term, but many people in society use it to refer to couples ending their marriage after being together for many years. This type of divorce is not significantly different from the traditional divorces that younger couples go through. But it does present some unique challenges that stem from the fact that the couples have been together for so long.

The Challenges Older Couples Face

Though most older couples won’t have to worry about establishing child custody agreements, there are other challenges these couples face when getting a divorce that other younger couples may not. These challenges include the following:

  • More assets to distribute: When you’re together for several decades, it should come as no surprise that you and your spouse have gathered lots of assets and property. This means you and your spouse will have more to go through and more to compromise on. 
  • Different alimony needs: It’s common for one older spouse to be entirely financially dependent on the other. This can change the amount of alimony and spousal support needed.
  • Larger financial burdens: Ongoing health conditions can create larger financial burdens on older individuals, which can impact the terms of the divorce.

Is Divorce Right for You and Your Spouse?

Getting a divorce when you’re older, whether you’re still working or are retired, is challenging, it can still be a good fit for some couples. Here are a few ways to tell it’s in your best interest.

  • You’re not living the life you want. If you feel like you’ve been compromising for decades and still aren’t able to live a fulfilling life, a divorce may be a good idea.
  • You and your spouse have grown apart. Over time, some couples simply grow apart, developing different interests and preferences. If you no longer feel close to your spouse and don’t believe you can reconcile, divorce may be a good fit.
  • You’re uncomfortable with a change in intimacy. As couples age, their physical needs can change. If you feel you need more intimacy than your spouse and your spouse is unwilling to adjust their behaviors, divorce may be worth exploring.

Work With an Attorney Who Understands Your Situation

Gray divorces present different challenges and that means you’ll want to work with an attorney who takes the time to get to know you and to understand your situation. At Carvajal Law, our team takes the time to review your situation so we can adequately represent your interests in a divorce, regardless of your age. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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