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One of the first concrete steps that individuals often take when seeking to formalize a decision to divorce involves attending a consultation appointment at a law office. Some individuals attend consultations at more than one law office as they search for an attorney whose experience and approach will meet their unique needs.

If you are about to navigate either an uncontested divorce process or a “traditional” contested divorce matter, it is important to take some time to prepare for any legal consultations that you opt to schedule with local legal professionals. Failing to invest a little of your time proactively may mean that you cannot make the most of your time while your consultations are in session.

Do Some Background Research

If you opted to schedule a consultation with a particular attorney or law office due to another’s recommendation (or, simply the fact that they operate locally to you), you may not have done much initial research about their experience or professional approach to representation. Before you arrive for your appointment, take a little time to poke around their website and to read some favorable and unfavorable reviews of their work. This effort can help to inform any questions that you may ultimately ask about their operations before you commit to working with them.

Compile Your Questions and Concerns

You will not walk away from your consultation ready to make informed decisions about your options unless you’re prepared to ask questions and voice concerns. By writing these thoughts down in advance, you’ll better ensure that you don’t waste time trying to remember what you wanted to say. You’ll also better ensure that you gain the insight you’ll need to take your next steps.

Have Thoughtful Answers Ready

In order to better determine how they will be able to assist you, a lawyer will need to ask you questions about your situation. Most questions that an attorney will ask upfront will likely be easy to answer. However, some can be more challenging and are worth thinking through in advance. In particular, you may want to consider the following in advance of a consultation:

  • Do you believe that your divorce process will resolve amicably or do you and your spouse have fundamental differences that will likely need to be resolved by a judge?
  • Are there any marital assets that you believe are worth fighting for?
  • Are you generally open to compromising with your spouse in order to avoid litigation?
  • Do you have strong opinions about what the “best interests” of your minor children will be concerning custody? If so, what are they?

Connect with a North Bergen, NJ Divorce Lawyer Today

If you have not already scheduled a risk-free, no-cost, confidential case evaluation with a dedicated North Bergen, NJ divorce lawyer at Carvajal Law, don’t hesitate to do so today. As our firm’s consultation process is offered for free, you have nothing to lose by discussing your divorce-related questions and concerns with reputable attorney Lazaro Carvajal.

To get started, you can either call our offices at (201) 281-5577 or submit a contact form on our firm’s website. Once our team is alerted to your need for a consultation, we will work with you to choose a date and time that suits your busy schedule. We value your time and will always treat it with great respect. We look forward to hearing from you.

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