Making the decision to get a divorce is a big step, but for many couples who have simply outgrown their marriages or find that the relationship no longer benefits them, doing so can be a great option. And once you and your spouse make that decision, you likely want to get things over with as quickly as possible. So, how long can you expect to need to work with your New Jersey divorce lawyer to finalize your divorce? The answer isn’t set in stone. Some divorces can take just a couple of months to complete while others can stretch on for years. Here’s what you need to know.

It Depends on the Type of Divorce You’re Filing

The type of divorce you and your spouse are filing can dramatically influence how long it will take for everything to be finalized. Uncontested divorces—ones where you and your spouse agree on all terms and work out agreements with the help of your attorneys—typically resolve the fastest. Most uncontested divorces can be wrapped up in a few months. But contested or traditional divorces can take much longer.

In a contested or traditional divorce, you and your spouse are not in agreement on the terms of your divorce and require input from the court. The more you disagree, the longer it can take to reach an agreement. And if you’re relying entirely on the input of the court to reach those agreements, the process may take even longer.

The Longer You’re Married, the Longer It May Take

The longer you and your spouse have been married, the more complicated the divorce could be. You’ll likely have more shared assets and more property that will need to be divided fairly before the divorce can be finalized. Sorting through all of your assets can take time, even if you and your spouse agree on everything. 

How You Can Speed up Your Divorce

Though every situation is unique and no divorce can happen overnight in New Jersey, there are a few things most couples can do to speed up the process. Keep these tips in mind as you work with your New Jersey divorce attorney to set the terms with your spouse:

  • Communicate to the best of your ability: The more you and your spouse can communicate in a productive way, the easier it will be to figure out the terms of your divorce without relying on the court. If you can, open a dialogue and be patient when listening to your spouse’s concerns. Consider being willing to compromise on certain issues as those compromises can help you avoid delays later on.
  • Inventory your estate and finances: Dividing assets can be difficult, especially if you and your spouse forget about certain accounts or property. Take an inventory of your estate early on in the process and let your attorney know about your accounts and any property your spouse may have a claim to. 
  • File for an uncontested divorce: Uncontested divorces require cooperation between you and your spouse, but they can typically be resolved faster than traditional divorces. If you and your spouse are willing to negotiate and work together to divide your assets and come to an agreement on terms, filing for an uncontested divorce can speed up the process.

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Filing for divorce can take time, no matter what type of divorce you’re filing. But the sooner you start the process, the sooner you and your spouse can move on with your lives. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Carvajal Law to schedule a consultation.

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