traditional divorce

When spouses decide to get divorced and agree on all of the terms, they’re able to file for an uncontested divorce. This type of divorce allows you to work with a New Jersey divorce lawyer to reach agreements on the distribution of property, custody, and any other terms without having to go to court. But what happens if the uncontested divorce starts to get rocky? You can always switch to a traditional or contested divorce. Here are a few signs that making the switch may be a good idea.

You’re Arguing During Your Divorce Discussions

It’s normal to have some disagreements even in an uncontested divorce. But if you and your spouse find yourselves arguing often during divorce discussions and can’t seem to reach a resolution, it may be time to switch to a traditional divorce. Traditional divorces remove the need for you and your spouse to talk about what you want and the terms you need to feel comfortable with the divorce. Instead, the court will decide what’s fair based on the arguments you and your attorney present. 

You Suspect Your Spouse Is Being Dishonest

Uncontested divorces are only successful when both spouses are honest about their assets and their property. When you’re honest and upfront about what you have and what your spouse may be entitled to, you can more easily divvy up your property. But if you suspect that your spouse is lying or hiding assets, it may be best to switch to a different type of divorce. Your attorney will be able to present your suspicions to the court and increase the chances that your settlement is truly fair.

You’re Disagreeing on How to Divide Property

Dividing property in a divorce can be a major point of contention. During an uncontested divorce, spouses should be in agreement over who gets what. But if you and your spouse are in complete disagreement and aren’t able to reach a consensus, it may be time to switch to a traditional divorce. In traditional or contested divorces, the court determines who receives what property and outlines how your assets should be divided, whether it’s what your spouse agrees on or not.

You Just Want Someone Else to Make the Decisions for You

Making decisions about the terms of your divorce can be exhausting. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it does mean that it may be a good idea to switch to a traditional divorce. During these divorces, the court will make the decisions based on the arguments your attorney presents and any requirements specified under the law. That means you and your spouse won’t have to worry about coming up with terms or figuring out how to compromise on difficult issues.

Work With an Experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

Whether you’ve started out in an uncontested divorce and need to switch to a traditional divorce or want to file for a contested divorce from the beginning, you’ll need an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer on your side. At Carvajal Law, our team understands that every situation is unique, and we’ll help you navigate this difficult time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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