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When you’re getting divorced, there’s a real temptation to turn to social media and express your emotions about the situation you’re facing. While you’re free to post whatever you want before, during, and after your divorce, you’ll want to do so with caution. Believe it or not, your social media accounts can be used against you in a divorce and your New Jersey divorce lawyer wants to help you get the best settlement possible. These tips will help you manage your social media accounts more thoughtfully as you start the divorce proceedings.

Make Your Account Private

The first thing you should do is make your personal social media accounts private. This means people searching for your page won’t be able to see everything you post unless you’re friends with them. That means your ex’s attorney won’t easily be able to pull up your account or use the things you say on social media against you. Keep in mind that people may still see posts that you tag friends in if you have friends in common. 

Consider Each Post With Care

Though it’s tempting to slam your ex’s actions, their arguments, or their requests surrounding the terms of your divorce on social media, doing so isn’t always a good idea. Remember, if they can see what you post, it can make your divorce harder to navigate. The best thing you can do is post with care. Think about what you’re about to say and consider how your ex may interpret it. If you think it will make them angry or could damage negotiations between you two, it may be best to avoid posting altogether. 

Avoid Discussions of the Proceedings

Remember, it’s the job of your New Jersey divorce lawyer to represent your interests. And it’s your ex’s lawyer’s job to represent their interests. Venting about the way things are going or the way you feel about your ex, their attorney, or anyone else involved in the divorce process can backfire. The last thing you want to do is post something publicly that a judge or other person working on your case may find rude or inflammatory. It’s in your best interest to appear respectful and professional at all times.

Avoid Showing Off or Bragging

If you’re worried about keeping as much of your money as you can or are hoping to get a fair settlement or spousal support agreement as part of the divorce, you’ll want to be mindful of the fun purchases you share on social media. For example, if you get a new car, you may not want to post pictures of your new car on social media. Or if you bought a new house, consider holding off on sharing your good news until your divorce is final. 

You Can Use Social Media but Do So With Caution

You’re free to use social media during your divorce. But just make sure to use it in a way that won’t hurt your divorce case. As long as you’re respectful and consider how each post you make could impact your case, you’ll be able to continue using social media during your major life change.
Using social media the right way is just one challenge you’ll face when figuring out how to manage your divorce. That’s why you need an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer on hand to guide you through the process. Contact Carvajal Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.

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